head NOUN 1) the upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs. 2) a person in charge; a director or leader. 3) the front, forward, or upper part or end of something. 4) the cutting or operational end of a tool or mechanism. 5) a person considered as a numerical unit. 6) (treated as pl. ) a number of cattle or game as specified: seventy head of cattle. 7) a compact mass of leaves or flowers at the top of a stem. 8) a component in an audio, video, or information system by which information is transferred from an electrical signal to the recording medium, or vice versa. 9) the flattened or knobbed end of a nail, pin, screw, or match. 10) the source of a river or stream. 11) the foam on top of a glass of beer. 12) (heads) the side of a coin bearing the image of a head. 13) pressure of water or steam in an engine or other confined space: a good head of steam.
ADJECTIVE chief; principal.
VERB 1) be or act as the head of. 2) give a title or heading to. 3) move in a specified direction. 4) (head off) intercept and turn aside. 5) Soccer shoot or pass (the ball) with the head.
be banging one's head against a brick wall — Cf. ↑be banging one's head against a brick wall
come to a head — Cf. ↑come to a head
get one's head down — Cf. ↑get one's head down
give someone his (or her) head — Cf. ↑give someone his head
go to someone's head — Cf. ↑go to someone's head
a head for — Cf. ↑a head for
one's head off — Cf. ↑one's head off
head over heels — Cf. ↑head over heels
a head start — Cf. ↑a head start
keep one's head — Cf. ↑keep one's head
keep one's head above water — Cf. ↑keep one's head above water
lose one's head — Cf. ↑lose one's head
make head or tail of — Cf. ↑make head or tail of
off (or out of) one's head — Cf. ↑out of one's head
off the top of one's head — Cf. ↑off the top of one's head
over someone's head — Cf. ↑over someone's head
turn someone's head — Cf. ↑turn someone's head
DERIVATIVES headed adjective headless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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